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We have been serving food industry clients since 2000, and we love their passion and commitment to serving the very best to their customers.

Restaurant owners and staff work in a fast-paced, stressful environment. Focused on providing the utmost quality food and services, they have no time to spend on complex online tasks such as ordering, marketing, or social media.

While online food marketplaces have helped bring new customers to the restaurants, their 10% - 40% fees make an already thin profit margin even lower.

This is why we created CravesFood. We want to take away the burden and mystery of succeeding online while keeping fees reasonable and sustainable. We offer done-for-you online ordering, loyalty programs, social media marketing, web development and more - plus a free online marketplace. 

With these stressful tasks eliminated, restaurants can concentrate on doing what they do best. We're all winners as a result.
Joseph Wong, CEO

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