Delivery Drivers Management

Provide an exceptional delivery experience and boost sales

Assign Delivery Drivers to Orders

You can manually assign delivery drivers to orders, or allow drivers to claim orders by themselves. 

You can also instruct the system to automatically assign drivers in order to save you time.

At a glance, you'll know:

How many orders each driver has in each status.
How many orders don’t have a driver.
How many orders are ready to be claimed.
A list of all your active drivers' availability
drivers management dashboard
drivers dashboard

Delivery Drivers' Dashboard

Your drivers will have an app-like experience to manage all deliveries from their mobile delice.

From their dashboard, they can claim orders, update delivery statuses to "Delivered" or "Failed", and leave comments.

Drivers have route planning and navigation to the customer's address. If they need help, they can easily call the customer or the restaurant with a touch of a button.

Proof of Delivery

Drivers can take a picture or capture a signature from the customer to verify a successful delivery.

No more delivery disbutes.
drivers confirmation
customers view

Real-Time Notifications to Customers

Your customers receive email and/or text notifications (optional) when their orders are out for delivery, along with an estimated time of arrival.

Customers can see the driver’s details and the proof of delivery in the order emails or the order page on your website.

To let your customers feel safe, you can show the driver’s name and photo and vehicle info. With a touch of a button, customers can call the driver to give better directions, etc.

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