Advanced Promotions System

Easily create targeted deals 

Fully integrated promotions system 

Your online ordering website includes an advanced, yet simple to use promotion system.

You can run several promotions simultaneously and schedule them ahead of time. 
desktop promotions

Powerful promotions editor

Product Discounts
Coupon Discounts
Category Discounts
BOGO Offers
Cart Based Discounts
Item Based Tier Discounts
Category Based Tier Discounts
Attribute Based Discounts
Tag Based Discounts
Customer Based Discounts
Fulfilment Based Discounts
Payment Method Based Discounts
Create Upcoming Sales
VIP Membership Based Discounts
Specific Customer Discounts
...and more!

Reward your Plus (VIP) Customers

Choose your best or most profitable customers as "Plus" (VIP) Members and give them exclusive discounts - automatically.

Give customers the "Plus" status manually or create conditions and restrictions for automatic assignment.

You can create conditions such as:

Minimum Numbers of Previous Orders
Minimum Amount Spent
Minimum Number of Products Purchased
...and more
plus members rules
customers view

Reporting to fine-tune your offers

You can collect reports and insights on your offers so you can refine your sales strategies. 

View the reports based on:

Most discounted offers
Top 5 most discounted offers
Top 5 most popular offers
Top 5 customers with most redemptions
Offer type with amount
Redeemed offer details regarding orders & customers

Keep more of your hard earned money

It's your business.
Schedule a demo to see how CravesFood get more orders and keep more money for your restaurant.
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