Website Ordering

Make it easy for your customers to order online

User-Friendly Online Ordering Website to Keep the Orders Coming In

Poor website layouts make it hard for your customers to place orders - so they leave.

With our conversion-focused online ordering website, your customers can easily navigate your menus no matter how large it is.

Simple and easy online ordering process encourages more orders.
desktop online order page
desktop promotions

Show Your Promotions Front and Center

Encourage your customers to place orders with enticing promotional offers at the top of your food menu.

You can run several promotions simultaneously.

With our optional Concierge Service, we'll take care of the creation of your offer, promotional messages, coupon codes and much more.

Show Off Your Nutritious Food

These days, consumers are sophisticated, and they want to know exactly what goes into their body.

Big chains have spent millions to learn this, and they are already showing nutritional info on their websites.

Our online ordering website allows you to do the same for every dish. Show transparency and gain trust of your customers.

nutritional info

Go Next-Level with Your Brand Website or Bespoke Website

To compete, you must stand out and shout out loud your unique value proposition.

What's special about your restaurant? Why should first-time customers order from you - now?

Show them by adding an optional brand website that matches your branding, with blogging capability. Or, go with a bespoke website that is 100% uniquely yours. 

Build a tribe of loyal customers.

Keep more of your hard earned money

It's your business.
Schedule a demo to see how CravesFood get more orders and keep more money for your restaurant.
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